Denim and Diamonds, Sequins and Stetsons: A Dress-Code Guide to IHM’s Hootenanny

Denim and Diamonds, Sequins and Stetsons: A Dress-Code Guide to IHM’s Hootenanny2016-04-29T13:42:27+00:00

Denim-and-diamondsTickets to IHM’s Hootenanny fundraising gala — on May 14 at Sunset Farm in Groton – are selling faster than hotcakes. And the No. 1 question we’ve been receiving from guests is, “What do I wear?”

The evening’s dress code is “country glam,” but that doesn’t mean it’s a costume party. Chances are good you already have something in your closet that will work just fine.

The main goal is not to take the fashion aspect too seriously. It’s a barn dance, so feel free to show off your best blue jeans! Women can give their feet a welcome night off from heels and instead wear chic huarache sandals or (of course!) cowboy boots.Country Glam Looks You can certainly pull out your favorite workhorse little black dress, but try dressing it down with a denim jacket. Or give a gorgeous floral gown the country treatment by topping it with a chambray shirt and a straw hat.Boots and Bolo And if you really want to go full country, show-stopping diamonds and a full set of hot rollers will kick your look up a notch.

As for the men, there’s no need for chaps — a basic suit can be countrified with a sharp Stetson or bolo tie. Your favorite jeans can be classed up with a vest and dark blazer. And of course, cowboy boots are absolutely appropriate for an evening of contradancing.

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