Twenty-Two Music School Students Accepted to District Festivals

Twenty-Two Music School Students Accepted to District Festivals

It’s All-State Festival time! Several of our students are attending the MMEA All-State festival this weekend. Twenty-two Indian Hill Music School private lesson students were accepted to their MMEA District festivals, eight received All-State recommendations and four were accepted to the All-State festival. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!

*Indicates All-State recommendation. **Indicates All-State acceptance.

Student Name Teacher Name District Instrument
Max Wheeler** Steven Jackson and Mike Caudill Central clarinet
Sarah Connors Mike Caudill Eastern clarinet
Jason Ward* Stephanie Busby Eastern bassoon
Patrick Ward* Ellen Martins Eastern horn
Adam Koretsky Justin Meyer Central bass
Olivia Oestricher** Pei-Chun Lin Central voice 
Melissa Genoter Steve Savage Central trombone
Henry Vandermillen* Steve Savage Central trombone
Sydney Rosenthal* Ellen Martins Central horn
Kristen Su Dorcas McCall Eastern viola
Fiona Boutelle Steve Savage Central trumpet
Jocelyn Kelly Steve Savage Central tuba
Sol Kim Steve Savage Northeast trumpet
Mazie Schuttler Abe Finch Central percussion
Ashwin Srinivasan Rob Woodin Central voice
Sachi Badola Rob Woodin Northeast voice
Derek Brigham Rob Woodin Central voice
Dominic Carroll Rob Woodin Northeast voice
Darren Quek Henry Tervo Central oboe
Kelly Giancotti Henry Tervo Central oboe
Ivan Sung** Susan Jensen Eastern violin
Max Barlow** Paul Pampinella Central voice

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