Meet Joey Pierog, our Music for Aardvarks teacher!

Meet Joey Pierog, our Music for Aardvarks teacher!

JoeyPIndian Hill Music School Music for Aardvarks and ukulele instructor Joey Pierog cut his teeth in the children’s music scene as bass player with the popular New Hampshire-based children’s music group, Steve Blunt ‘n’ Friends. He has also toured Europe and the UK three times with artist Christian Cuff.

While overseas, he was surprised to discover just how much Europeans appreciate live music. He wondered why we Americans are so much less receptive. After playing the children’s circuit, Joey learned that music appreciation is innate in young people and if encouraged, can grow to contribute to a more cultured, intelligent and ultimately happier human being.

After a show with Steve Blunt n’ Friends Joey found himself in a group of children playing percussion instruments, and began to lead an impromptu drum circle. The children were not only responsive but captive (figuratively speaking of course). They laughed and openly shared and switched percussion instruments, attentively awaiting the next instruction.

Joey was surprised and invigorated by how quickly they responded to tempo and rhythm, and started coming up with fun chants, directing solo breaks and dictating dynamic. Before he knew it a half hour had passed and he realized without trying he had gone from being a bass player in a band to leading a class, and a teacher was born!  Joey’s personal mission is to share that love and appreciation of music and help guide children (of all ages) through the beginnings of their own musical journeys. This summer he completed training in this early childhood curriculum, and is very excited to start sharing it with you!

As a performer, Joey has recorded two albums and performs regularly in the Boston area and throughout New England as upright bass player and vocalist with his bluegrass band, The Four Legged Faithful.  He has shared the stage with artists such as B.B. King, Greg Hawkes (of The Cars), and former Tower of Power front man William Edward McGee. His steady performing on stage and as a session musician, and his knack for versatility, has made him one of New England’s premier bass players. A 2007 graduate of Berklee College of Music, Pierog also works at the world-class Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield New Hampshire as an engineer and producer.


Joey and Gertrude on stage

Fun Facts

  • Joey is an avid hiker, and in addition to hiking mountains in Alaska and Japan has summited all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000 foot peaks
  • One of Joey’s best buddies is Gertrude, his upright bass. They have lots of play dates!
  • Joey spends many a morning tending to his very amateur garden and prides himself on his wide variety of rare and exotic weeds.
  • Raised in part by his very Italian great-grandmother Rose, Joey was taught how to eat. His love of good food is rivaled only by his love of good music. When Joey was a toddler, his mother went to pick him up from his grandmother’s house. Upon entering, his mother posed the question, “Why are you still feeding him? He’s asleep.” Rose simply shrugged, saying “Because he’s still eating it!”
  • As a toddler, Joey would often be present at his father’s band practices. Despite just how loud his dad would rock, he would remain content — at times even napping until the band would break between songs, when he would begin to fuss and cry in protest. A born rocker to say the least.
  • Playing in many drummerless groups, Joey has mastered the art of “foot tambourine” and is often asked to use this unique talent to push along the groove in many groups.

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