Meet Paige Dyer, 2017 Concerto Competition Winner

Meet Paige Dyer, 2017 Concerto Competition Winner

Paige will perform Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto with the Orchestra of Indian Hill on Saturday, January 20.

Paige Winter 17 037Indian Hill Music School Concerto Competition winner Paige Dyer, 18, of Pepperell, will perform the Haydn Trumpet Concerto (Mvts. II Andante & I Allegro) with the Orchestra of Indian Hill during their January 20 concert.  Paige, a member of the Indian Hill Music Youth Orchestra, has been playing trumpet since she was 9 years old and studied with Ken Arsenault for over 7 years. In 2016, she also began studying the French horn. Active in her school ensembles, Paige is currently a senior at North Middlesex Regional High School in Townsend where she plays in the Wind Symphony under the direction of Jason Bielik.

Paige has performed in the Central District band for three years, receiving the highest score in 2017. She performed in the All State Orchestra in 2017, and had the chance to audition again in 2018.

Paige says it has been such an honor to be the winner of this year’s Student Concerto Competition. She has been preparing for the Orchestra of Indian Hill concert with intense study during and after school hours over these past few months. In addition to preparing for the concert, Paige is preparing for college auditions.

In spite of her very busy schedule, Paige took a few minutes to talk to us about playing trumpet, her featured guest spot with the Orchestra, and getting in the audition mindset.

How did you get started with trumpet? What is it that drew you to the instrument?

In fourth grade I decided on a whim to join band, and picking the trumpet was almost random! I actually almost picked the clarinet, but thankfully I chose correctly, because the night I got home I was able to buzz and make sounds on the mouthpiece.

You are a member of the Indian Hill Music Youth Orchestra, as well as the North Middlesex Wind Symphony, and have performed in District ensembles for three years. What is it about playing in an ensemble that excites you?

When a large group of musicians come together to make music, it can raise the hairs on your arms and draw out emotion, and being able to create this with other talented musicians brings me to life. Also, when near others who are more advanced, it can push you to work harder and in the end play better.

Was this concerto competition your first competition? How do you feel about playing with Orchestra of Indian Hill?

This Concerto Competition was in fact my first competition outside Districts and All State. I was so happy to simply perform with my accompanist and be a contestant, but was thrilled to be the winner. I am extremely excited to perform with the Orchestra of Indian Hill, and I expect it to be so much fun to perform one of my favorite trumpet concertos with so many talented musicians.

What do you love about the piece you’re playing (Haydn Trumpet Concerto)? How has it challenged you?

When I was freshman my teacher and I looked at the All State solo rotation and realized that the solo for my senior year would be the Haydn. At 14 years old, I believed that I would never be able to play that, the notes were too high, and the rhythms and intervals were too much for me to achieve in only 4 years. After years of looking at the piece, and focused work over the last few months not only have I mastered the piece, but I’ve fallen in love with the delicacy of the second movement and the fanfare-style of the first.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at school, lessons, ensembles, or practicing music?

In what little free time I have, I go out to lunch or to the movies with my friends and family. I also have a part time job in the Courtesy Booth at Market Basket.

You’re applying to colleges now, right? Where are you looking, and what do you plan to study?

I’m currently applying to study trumpet performance at schools such as McGill, Boston University, and Oberlin Conservatory. In addition I also plan on studying math, my favorite subject other than music, as a second major in college.

What one piece of advice would you give to a younger student who is considering entering a competition or auditioning for districts?

To all young musicians considering a competition or festival audition I would say: “Everyone is in the same position and mindset as you. You will always feel like you can do more and play better, but so will everyone else. Every obstacle you face in practice will be overcome with focus and “just one more run through,” and soon enough you’ll get it right once, then again and again until it’s just right.”



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    To be the winner of a certain competition is a great achievement! I hope you will find it interesting to participate in more and more musical contests!

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