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Free Class Day

Sat., September 9: 9am - 4pm
FREE! | 36 King Street, Littleton MA

Drop in to explore classes
and ensembles for kids and teens!

• Free 30-Minute Classes for Kids & Teens
• Instrument Petting Zoo • Free Ice Cream from Cherry Hill Ice Cream!


Early Childhood Learning

Music for Aardvarks (Ages 1-4): 9:15 | 10:00 | 11:30 | 12:15
Sing, dance, & play with Joey in this favorite parent-child class! Original, upbeat songs, rhymes,
instrument play, and more.

Songs in Motion Jr (Ages 3-4): 10:45
Come rock and play with Miss Jackie! Your child will sing, clap, move, and play to the beat, and feel the joy of music making.

Drum Buddies (Ages 4-6): 9:15 | 10:00
It's all about rhythm in this first ensemble for kids - a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, drum-beating good time!

Suzuki Method

Kid-Friendly Info Sessions (Ages 4-6): Violin: 9:15 | Guitar: 10:00
Get the scoop on this time-honored, highly acclaimed method for learning violin and guitar for children as young as 4 years old. Certified Suzuki Method teachers guide students into music in the same way that children learn language - with loving encouragement, constant repetition, demonstration, and parental involvement.

Beginner Lessons

Small group classes give young children a fun and friendy introduction to reading and playing music.
Piano (Ages 5-8): 10:45 | 11:30 | 12:15 | 1:15 | 2:00
Violin (Ages 5-7): 10:45 | 11:30 | 12:15 | 1:15 | 2:00
Guitar (Ages 5-7): 10:45 | 11:30 | 12:15 | 1:15 | 2:00
Ukulele (Ages 5-7): 9:15 | 10:00 | 2:45
Drums (Ages 7-9): 9:15 | 10:00
Pre-Flute Fife (Ages 7-9): 2:00 | 2:45

Youth Classes & Ensembles

Songs in Motion (Ages 5-7): 1:15
Come rock and play with Miss Jackie! Your child will sing, clap, move, and play to the beat, and feel the joy of music making. Kids Musical Revue (Ages 8-13): 2:45
Young singer/actors - create your own show! Build stage skills and confidence in this unique program where everyone shines in a song or scene.
Wind Ensemble (Ages 10-16): 2:45
A perfect first ensemble experience for beginning flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone,horn, euphonium, baritone, and tuba players.
Cantori Scolari Youth Choir (Ages 7-14): 3:30
Develop vocal skills, group singing technique, and knowledge of musical notation through the engaging and effective Kodaly method -- using hand sign solfege, folksongs, and simple classical songs to make learning fun.
Intergenerational Flute Choir (All Ages): 3:30
Play music from all eras and genres: Baroque, contemporary, Celtic, jazz and more! Bring your C flute or give the alto or bass flute a try!

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