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Red Chair Society

What is the Red Chair Society?

The Red Chair Society is a group of individuals who have chosen to sponsor an orchestra "chair" (or member) for a season. The sponsorship covers the direct operating cost of paying the musician for the season. Red Chairs may be in your name or in honor/in memory of a loved one.

What is the process for selecting which musician I will sponsor?

Indian Hill staff will have a discussion with you about which "chair," or musician, you wish to sponsor. People choose for many reasons. Some choose a particular instrument, perhaps because they love that instrument or study it themselves. Others choose a particular musician because they can see him or her clearly on the stage or have met that musician.

How much is a Red Chair sponsorship?

For the 2016-2017 season, Principal Chairs are $4,000. Section Chairs are $3,300.

Is this different from my Annual Fund gift?

All Red Chair gifts are part of our Annual Fund and are used specifically for the purpose stated. For some, this is their total contribution for the fiscal year. For others, the Red Chair sponsorship is part of a larger annual gift to Indian Hill Music.

When do I renew my Red Chair commitment?

Red Chair commitments are renewed by signing a Red Chair pledge form at the beginning of our fiscal year (July/August), before the concert program book goes to print. Your sponsorship may be made in one payment or on a payment plan.

Do I have an opportunity to meet my musician?

Yes! We arrange for special opportunities for you to meet your musician. This may happen at a special reception for all Red Chair musicians and sponsors, or at a Prelude Luncheon or Dinner. Less formal opportunities, such as meeting at intermission or after the concert at the Encore Café, are also possibilities. We want you to know your musician!

How are Red Chair members recognized?

Your musician's chair will be draped in red to designate your sponsorship. Members are also listed in our Orchestra season Program Book, on our website, and on a special poster displayed in the lobby at concerts.


Bruce and Sue Bonner, Westford, MA
Indian Hill Music Red Chair Society Sponsors (pictured with their sponsored musician: OIH Cellist, Shay Rudolph)

"Being a member of the Red Chair Society provides a tangible connection to our musician and the orchestra.  We now listen and watch more intently how the music of the cello section fits into the overall music being performed."


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